Use a Coin and Bank Note Recycling System to Manage Casino Floats

    Oct 10 2018

    Topics: Casino

    At a casino, various front of house employees are always in a constant monetary exchange with users.

    Due to various food outlets, entertainment, and customer service/front desks being operational 24 hours a day, and staff and shifts being consistently revolving at casinos, floats need to be dispensed and deposited multiple times throughout the day. If you’re looking for cash management solutions to improve casino float management, keep reading.

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    What Is a Coin and Bank Note Recycling System?

    As the name would suggest, coin and bank note recyclers dispense the same money they accept. This means that managing casino floats at your establishment can be entirely controlled by one machine. It will accept deposited money, counting, sorting, and reconciling the total, and then redistribute this money when required.

    Create Efficiencies in Reconciliation and Accounting Activities

    With a coin and bank note recycling system, you will no longer need managers to count, sort, dispense, or deposit the day’s floats. Your reconciliation and accounting activities regarding your POS (point of sale) and front of house will become streamlined and more efficient.

    Ability to Create Standardized Procedures

    Implementing a cash management system in your casino will offer you the ability to create standardized procedures all employees will be able to abide by. With the coin and bank note recycling system managing your floats, you won’t have multiple employees handling your cash in their own unique ways. A standardized procedure for cash float management will increase efficiency and operational activities will become simplified.

    Save Time Handling Cash

    Without automation, front of house employees would be required to count and sort their floats at the end of a shift or end of day. A main bank employee or manager would then have to recount the float, reconcile it, and deposit it. If discrepancies occur, the manager would have to spend additional time on tracking down the problem. This can increase your labour costs and burden staff with administrative tasks. With minimum wages rising, casino management and owners can benefit from reducing labour costs. A coin and note recycling system can take over these tasks, enabling casino managers to shorten shifts.

    Increase Accuracy

    When employees handle cash, it is inevitable that mistakes will occur. Human error is common when it comes to managing floats. A coin and bank note recycling system, on the other hand, is more accurate than even your best employee, enabling you to save on losses and save on time from fixing discrepancies.


    Andrea Lombardi

    Andrea Lombardi

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