Visitor Registration Systems Keep Hospitals Safe

    Dec 12 2013

    Hospitals and health care facilities face an interesting challenge when it comes to security. They have a responsibility to protect both their staff and the patients they serve, many of whom may be in no good position to protect themselves. But on the other hand, most of them want to keep an open-door policy enabling people to come in for treatment with a minimum of hassles and also letting people come to visit their loved ones. The simplest solution is to name open visiting hours and provide no monitoring or check-in procedures for people who come to the hospital during that time. But that solution is no longer sufficient in a world where violent, senseless crimes can happen on school campuses and other public facilities, including hospitals. In order to maintain security, hospitals need to implement visitor registration systems and controls.

    Automate Guest Registration

    In order to keep facilities secure, you have to know who is in them. Patients are routinely registered and it's common for staff to wear ID badges for quick identification. To have real security, all visitors need to be signed in to the facility. In order to do this in a way which is both effective for hospital security and streamlined for hospital guests, an automated system is necessary. Many such systems can scan driver's licenses for visitor information and to capture their picture. If a driver's license is not available, an attendant in the lobby should have the ability to quickly enter visitor information into the registration system to make registering as easy and painless for the guest as possible.

    Fast ID Badge Systems

    When ID badges need to be printed offsite, creating them for every guest is not a practicable solution. However, modern desktop ID card printers make it possible to quickly create badges for a much larger selection of hospital visitors. Custom badge types can be created to differentiate between different types of visitors, so that hospital staff can quickly identify guests who are visiting patients, contractors, volunteers, or temporary staff. Hospitals can also simplify the check-in process for people who will be visiting a family member in the hospital over an extended period of time by printing durable personalized badges for them. If such badges include a barcode or magnetic stripe encoding, one fast scan enters them into the system as a current visitor.

    Integrated Watch Lists

    An automated system also enables a hospital to support visitor screening via a watch list. Any unwanted visitors, such as disgruntled former employees or visitors who have behaved in an aggressive way toward hospital staff, can be uploaded into the system so that staff are immediately notified when they attempt to check in. Hospitals can also incorporate external lists such as state sex offender databases

    Having a robust and automated visitor registration system helps hospitals and medical facilities to keep their patients and staff safe, while not placing undue burdens on friends and family members who want to visit their loved ones who are sick. In this way hospitals can serve their patient needs by providing both stellar medical care and the reassurance of good security for all patients and visitors.

    Matt Lombardi

    Matt Lombardi

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