What Happens When You Automate Cash Management in a Casino?

    Mar 26 2018

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    Improving processes in a casino is easier said than done. In an industry that focuses on hard currency, it’s essential to be as efficient as possible. That’s why automated cash management systems are essential features of any successful casino.

    Continue reading to discover how your establishment can benefit from the efficiency and simplicity of a cash management system.

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    You Save Money

    When your employees spend less time counting money, this creates more time for them to perform other functions in their workspace. You can significantly reduce labour costs by automating your cash management, as it increases your employee efficiency.

    Some establishments have found such success reducing labour costs with automation that they have been able to cut their staff, saving money that otherwise would’ve been spent paying a salary.

    You Can Easily Manage Floats

    In a casino, there is a large amount of money that must be available to process daily transactions. These floats can become extremely overwhelming to keep track of in large establishments. With an automated cash management system, you can keep track of this money more effectively. All cash is accounted for automatically.

    With automated systems, you are able to seamlessly use multiple floats without having to worry about disrupting the company’s float system.

    Reduce Shrinkage

    If shrinkage is a problem in your business, there’s no time to wait. Investing in smart technologies to manage your cash-related needs is the most efficient way to maximize your profits and minimize shrinkage. Employees require individual logins to access money, reducing the opportunity for internal theft. Automated cash counters and sorters also ensure your counts are always correct, reducing money losses caused by human error.

    Don’t risk losing more money than you already have—invest in your business today.

    Reporting Is a Breeze

    Reporting with automated cash management systems is simple. With cash recyclers and smart safes, for example, you can access key reports at the push of a button.

    Superior Customer Service

    When your employees spend less time counting and recounting, they have more time to dedicate to your casino’s customers. You’ll be amazed how much your customer experience will improve when your employees spend more time face-to-face with your customers and less time counting money.

    Your Casino’s Security Threat Goes Down

    Your casino is at threat both internally and externally. Externally, your process may be susceptible to theft if your cash is left unattended. With automated systems, your cash is locked away safely and securely.

    Counterfeiting is also a problem that has long plagued the Canadian gaming industry. New cash recyclers can detect whether a bill is counterfeit right then and there, making it easy to reduce your risk.

    Many casino owners focus so hard on protecting their establishments from external threats that they may overlook theft happening within their own staff. Even if you haven’t experienced employee theft, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Automated cash management systems can keep track of who accesses the money and how much. You can also restrict access to only authorized individuals with specific access codes. This means that everyone who accesses your money will be documented, making it easy to prevent theft and hold the right person accountable for their actions.


    Andrea Lombardi

    Andrea Lombardi

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