What the Future of Cash Management Looks Like

    Aug 24 2015

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    In today’s world of tech, just about everything can be found online. Shopping, education, movies, music, books—the list goes on and on. Even if you don’t stay up to date on the latest technological trends, you know that the world is becoming increasingly digital. But these advances aren’t just making our personal lives easier; they’re also making business more efficient.

    With a growing list of competitors in the marketplace, business owners are looking for innovative ways to reduce their costs, eliminate losses, increase productivity, and streamline operations. To achieve all of these goals, they’re looking to new technologies and digital tools, especially when it comes to cash management. Companies looking to optimize their cash management processes are switching to tech solutions. 

    Here’s what the future of cash management looks like.

    Will Virtual Money Be the Norm?

    New virtual payment options seem to be popping up every few years, being marketed as the “wave of the future”. Bitcoin, the MintChip, and Dogecoins have been hitting the world by storm. These online, secure cryptocurrencies are payment options set in cyberspace.

    Though they’re becoming increasingly popular in the tech world and they may become even more relevant in the future, they’re no match for real, physical money. Consumers may be shopping and banking online more often than ever before, but they’re still seeking to buy products and services in physical storefronts—and this requires cash in the form of bills and coins.

    The fact is hard currency is here to stay. And even the companies that are getting on board with cryptocurrencies still need to invest in ways to effectively manage the typical payment options, like cheques, bills, and coins, if they’re going to stay ahead of their competitors and stay in business once these big currency crazes blow over.

    Cheque Imaging

    We are confident, however, that the concept of taking cheques to the bank for deposit will soon disappear. Cheque imaging technology will make sure of that. Not only is it more cost effective to deal with digital cheque depositing, but it’s also more convenient, quicker, and more secure.

    With a cheque scanner, you can easily and accurately capture cheque data with just a few clicks. This information is stored digitally for easy viewing. You can then use remote depositing to deposit your funds to your bank account, from anywhere, anytime. Public key cryptography, digital signatures, and secure online portals make the entire process completely safe. And cheque imaging allows you to have access to your funds quicker as digital cheques don’t need to be verified and processed at multiple locations like paper cheques. Cheque imaging will be an essential part of business in the future.

    Cash Recycling

    Cash recycling is a cash management trend that is here to stay. Though it’s mostly used by big corporations and financial institutions today, its popularity will rise and its use will be widespread in the business world. Companies big and small will start using cash recyclers because they reduce costs, increase efficiencies, and enhance security.

    A currency recycler accepts, dispenses, sorts, verifies, and counts money being taken in from customers. It provides a running total, which eliminates the need for manual counting and sorting of cash. It detects counterfeit money, which reduces the risk of fraud. It also doubles as a vault, with lock-down capabilities, restricted access, and silent alarms. And it’s much faster than manual transaction processing, so it increases productivity and customer service.

    Recycling cash also reduces the frequency of vault transactions and cash pick up, heightening efficiencies and simplifying the cash management process. Cash recycling is revolutionizing the way companies handle their cash—and it is soon to become the next big thing in business.

    Hard currency isn’t going anywhere and for this reason, the future will see an increase in technology, like cheque imaging and cash recycling, which will make cash management faster, more efficient, more accurate, and more convenient than ever before.

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    Andrea Lombardi

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