Why One Provider Should Service All Bank Branch Peripherals

    Feb 25 2019

    Topics: Bank Branch Service Solutions

    Technology has revolutionized banking, mostly for the better. It’s easier than ever to print documents, make deposits, and even apply for loans right at the point of service in your branch.

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    To take advantage of all these advancements, however, you’ve had to adopt more and more devices. Some bank branches have more than 100 assets on hand, and all of them need to be properly managed and maintained.

    The best way to do this is to partner with a single provider for all your bank branch peripheral needs. Here’s why the single-provider solution is your best bet.

    Reduce the Number of Vendors You Work With

    How many different peripheral providers are you working with right now? If you have hundreds of devices in your bank branch, you could be working with a dozen different providers.

    This may not be the case in your branch, but chances are you’re still working with at least a few different vendors. You may purchase cheque scanning devices through one vendor, while another services pin pads.

    This creates confusion. Who do you need to contact when the pin pads are broken? You’ll have to keep track of who services what to ensure you contact the right people when something goes wrong.

    Then there’s the issue that not all vendors are created equal. Some may respond quickly, while others may drag their feet. Some may be reasonably priced, while others want to charge you sky-high fees.

    Reducing the number of vendors you work with streamlines your service. You know who to contact every time. It can also reduce your costs, by allowing you to take advantage of excellent customer service. Finally, you’ll spend less time on the phone with vendors, negotiating contracts and pricing or even just figuring out who to call.

    Increase Security

    Another great benefit of working with a single provider for all your bank branch peripherals is the increased security benefit.

    Many vendors and manufacturers outsource service, which means you never know who is actually working on your machines. Can you trust that the people doing the maintenance have your best interests at heart? Your vendor or manufacturer may not have proper oversight to ensure device accountability and security.

    With a single provider, you know exactly who is managing your devices.

    Get Better Device Management

    Why else does a single-provider solution make sense? It helps you consolidate your information in a single location. By doing so, you can create more informative reports about your assets.

    When you work with a single provider, they have an inventory of the devices they provide to you. Since there’s only one provider, this represents a list of almost every asset you have in the bank branch.

    This makes it easier to consider things such as device replacement or even inventory levels. It’s easier to estimate how many devices you have and how many spares you need as well. You can keep fewer devices on hand, which helps manage your inventory.

    Reduce Costs

    All these advantages play into the biggest benefit of a single-provider solution: cost savings.

    Better inventory management allows you to keep fewer devices on hand, which means less overhead. It also allows you to plan more effectively for device replacement.

    Partnering with a single provider also saves you time when you deal with vendors. Security increases are also an advantage.

    Finally, the one-provider solution allows you to deliver better customer service. By streamlining who you work with for your bank branch peripherals, you can ensure your customers are met with the same level of service every time they visit your branch.


    Andrea Lombardi

    Andrea Lombardi

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