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Tidel TR250-Recycler


Tidel TR250 Banknote Recycler

The Tidel TR250 cash recycling machine is designed for organizations that handle large volumes of banknotes on a daily basis. With a volume capacity of over 10,000 banknotes at a processing speed of 8 banknotes per second, the TR250 cash recycling system offers the performance and capacity required to automate a high volume, transaction-heavy cash room environment.


The TR250 secures, automates, and accelerates start and end-of-shift processes, enabling employees to spend less time counting and handling cash, and more time on core business tasks. When paired with a Tidel coin recycler, the TR250 is an ideal cash management solution for high volume back office cash automation. It will enable speed, accuracy and accountability in coin and cash recycling, while minimizing store floats and the frequency of Cash in Transit (CIT) pickups.



Recycle Denominations

Denominations up to 4

Recycle Capacity

4 recycling cassettes x
2,100 notes each =
8,400 total note recycling

Deposit Capacity

2,100 notes (Configurable
up to 10,500 notes
by configuring recycle
cassettes to deposit only)

Total Capacity

10,500 notes

Deposit Speed

8 notes/second

Dispense Speed

4 notes/second

Recycle Dimensions

Up to 4

Recycle Capacity

1₵: 6,800 Coins
5₵: 4,200 Coins
10₵: 9,600 Coins
25₵: 3,700 Coins

Deposit Speed

3,000 coins/minute

Dispense Speed

8 notes/second


850 lbs. (386 kg)

(W x D x H)

19” (483 mm) x 36.19” (919 mm) x 48.88” (1,242 mm)

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