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    Cassida Pro Series Apollo Processing a Stack of Bills


    Cassida Pro Series Apollo Currency Discriminator

    The Cassida Pro Series was developed specifically to address the cash management technology needs of banks and other high cash volume businesses. The cutting edge Apollo Cassida bill counter and discriminator packs all of the power of the flagship Zeus model in a compact and affordable one-pocket platform. 


    That means the same superior bill recognition technology and counterfeit detection, with the information-rich reporting and friendly user interface for which Pro Series Cassida bill counter and discriminators are known. 


    The Cassida Apollo bill counter also features a convenient storage shelf that’s the perfect place to store batch bands, pens and more.

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    Model Cassida Pro Series Apollo
    Counting Speed 800/1000 Bill/Min
    Hopper Capacity 500 + Bills
    Stacker Capacity 200 Bills
    Detections MG, Full-Line UV, Double-Sided IR, High Definition Color CIS, Color Spectrum Analysis
    Bill Size Range 120 x 60 to 180 x 90 mm
    Power Supply 100-240/50-60Hz
    Weight 16.84 lbs (7.6 kg)
    Size 10.8″ W x 9.8″ D x 12″ H
    (276*250*305 mm)

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