Comparing Cash Management Solutions for a Casino’s Front of House vs. Soft Count Room

    Jan 07 2019

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    Everyone knows casinos handle a lot of cash. What no one really thinks about, however, is exactly how much work goes into handling all that cash.

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    Effective cash management is vital for casino operations, as you probably know. It’s why you’re considering upgrading or adopting new cash management solutions. You also know you can’t necessarily adopt one piece of cash management technology and call it a day.

    Casinos have several departments handling cash. Every casino has a gaming floor and soft count room operations to go along with it. Your casino probably also has front of house operations. These include a restaurant, a bar, or a gift shop. You may have only one of these. You might have all three.

    The fact of the matter is soft count rooms need different cash management solutions than your front of house operations. What equipment is right for each type of operation?

    What Do You Need in the Soft Count Room?

    Since every casino has a gaming floor, it follows that every casino has a soft count room. These operations are the core of any casino. The primary function of the count room operations is to handle cash, so it’s often the first place casino owners install cash management solutions.

    What kinds of solutions are appropriate for soft count rooms?

    Many casino owners adopt currency sorters. These machines help you sort tens from fives, and so on. More advanced models come with TITO recognition, which is ideal for soft count room operations in casinos.

    Another popular piece of cash management technology is the currency discriminator. The discriminator can sort your bank notes, but it comes with a few upgraded features.

    The currency discriminator can also give you a totals, along with a breakdown of any cash inserted for discrimination.

    Both of these machines are great choices for speeding soft count room operations, reducing labour costs, and improving accuracy.

    What Do You Need in Front of House Operations?

    You might think the currency discriminator or sorter solution will work just as well for your front of house operations. There’s actually a much better solution.

    Your front of house operations involve receiving and dispensing cash in multiple transactions. You likely require your cashiers to open with a float in their till, and you may require them to count it at the end of their shift. Tips may also be a concern.

    Given these facts, a coin and bank note recycler is often the best solution for front of house operations in a casino. This piece of equipment can help you manage cash more efficiently in your restaurant or gift shop.

    This example illustrates how much the coin and bank note recycler assists. You can preprogram the machine to dispense the appropriate float to your employee. At the end of their shift, they can deposit it. The machine makes any funds accepted during the shift immediately available in the till, and it keeps a running tally of what came in and what went out.

    At the end of the shift, your employees’ tills are already counted for them. The coin and bank note recycler reduces the time they spend preparing floats and counting tills, which means they can spend more time serving your customers.

    Is It Time to Adopt Cash Management Solutions?

    Whether it’s in the soft count room or the front of the house, the right cash management solutions can save you time and money at your casino. If you’re not already using this technology, it’s time to upgrade and see the difference the right cash management solutions can make.

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