The Best Coin Counting Machines Can Do 7 Things (Updated 2019)

    Jul 28 2016

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    There's truth in the old saying, “Time is money.” And we don't mean figuratively.

    If you run a business, then time is literally money, and time wasted is money wasted. Every second you or your employees waste counting, sorting, recounting, and wrapping coins adds up, and fast.

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    Whether you're the smallest of small businesses with one employee—you—or a fast growing retail operation, the solution is the same. Commercial coin counting machines were first introduced in Japan in 1950, and they've been saving businesses like yours time, money, and countless headaches in the decades since.

    When you try to collect, count, and sort coins by hand, you aren't just wasting time; you're opening yourself up to one of the oldest threats in the world: human error. But commercial coin counting machines allow you to maintain 100% accuracy at all times, eliminating human error while saving time in the process.

    For a modest, upfront investment, commercial coin counting machines can provide lasting benefits for many years to come. As the name suggests, commercial coin counting machines count coins, obviously. But the best coin counter machines don't just tally up your income in coins; they also perform a number of other time-saving tasks.

    So what should you look for when buying these devices? Here's what the best commercial coin counting machines can do:


    1. Sort up to 1,800 coins per minute

    2. The best coin counters also sort currency simultaneously

    3. The best coin sorter and counter machines allow you to instantly wrap coins for deposit or recirculation at the push of a button

    4. Settings for automatic bag stops, when depositing coins in currency bags

    5. Automatic coin jam recovery

    6. Ensures accuracy

    7. Finally, the best coin machines are portable

    That last benefit might not apply to every business, but it's still a crucial thing to look for when you buy a coin counting machine. Portable currency counting machines are easy to move, lightweight devices that go wherever you need them to, giving you greater flexibility as your business grows.

    These nifty machines are just one of the currency counting solutions currently in use across Canada today, but few of these machines will allow you to save as much time as the best coin counting and sorting machines.


    Andrea Lombardi

    Andrea Lombardi

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