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    ORO JR Cash Recycler

    ORO JR is CIMA’s medium capacity back-office note recycler for retailers or venues with higher note requirements. Made up of our SDM505S note recycler, the ORO solution is affordable with all the functionality you would expect from a back-office cash recycling solution.  Driven by our flexible CAOS device operating system, retailers can customize how the system works specifically in their environments.  The SDM505S note recycler utilizes roll storage modules (RSM) for recycling.  Each RSM can hold up to 400 notes of a single denomination making it ideal for smaller stores or environments where cash volumes are not high. There are 5 x RSMs providing a total recycling capacity of up to 2,000 notes. The SDM505S has a unique self-sealing, stacking bag system for up to 4,000 surplus notes.  This eliminates the need for cassettes and allows CIT operators to pick up cash quickly without having to open cassettes in-store. 



    • Customize denomination mixes specifically for user types
    • Fast and easy end-of-day cash-up process. Simply stack notes into the note feeder
    • Reduce errors by automating the dispense and deposit process
    • Recycling reduces overall store cash requirements
    • Reduce shrink with quick reconciliation to third party applications

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    ORO JR Note Recycler
    Dimensions: 457mm (18in) W x 686mm (27in) D x 1,245mm (49in) H
    SDM505S NOTE RECYCLER Technical Specifications
    Deposit Speed: Up to 6 notes / second
    Withdrawal Speed: Up to 5 notes / second
    Recycling Technology: Roll Storage Drums (RSM)
    Deposit Technology: Self-Sealing Stacking Bag
    Number of RSMs: 5
    Notes per RSM: Up to 400 notes*
    Total Recycling Capacity: Up to 2,000 notes*
    Total Deposit Capacity: Up to 4,000 notes
    Connection Type: Ethernet or USB 1.0 Port
    Bill Validator: CIMA BV5000; Compliant with US Federal Reserve Standards; Multi-currency capable
    Safe and Security: UL 291 24 H
    Weight: From 250kg (551.16 lbs.) to 450kg (992.08 lbs.) according to the configuration
    Electrical: Voltage 90 – 240V AC; Frequency 50 – 60Hz; Power input 600W

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