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    SuzoHapp RCS-700 + RCS Active Banknote and Coin Recycler


    SUZOHAPP RCS-700 + RCS Active Banknote and Coin Recycler

    The SUZOHAPP RCS-700 + RCS Active Banknote and Coin Recycler combine to give you optimal control of your cash management process with a complete cash recycling system. This cash handling machine for banks, large retailers, casinos, and other cash-intensive businesses uses next-level technology to quickly and efficiently process, sort, and count banknotes and coins.


    The SUZOHAPP RCS-700 Cash Recycling Solution fully automates your cash handling, allowing you to retrieve real-time cash flow data from your computer or mobile device whenever you need it, for optimal visibility and smarter decision making. 


    And with a recycling capacity of up to 13,600 notes and dispensing speeds as high as 600 notes per minute, improving cash management has never been simpler.


    The SUZOHAPP RCS-Active Coin Recycler unit seamlessly integrates into the RCS-700 Banknote Recycler and employs Active Sorting® with advanced sensor technology to identify, sort and actively reallocate coin positions within the device, providing higher throughput.


    This enables your organization to achieve up to 2,000 coins per minute throughput, for efficient coin processing and quick end-of-shift deposit procedures. A massive 32,000 coin capacity makes administration of your cash management solution more efficient as well.

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    SUZOHAPP RCS-700 Banknote Recycler Specifications


    CashComplete™ On-Device

    Counting Speed (Deposit/Dispense)

    10 notes/second, up to 600 notes/minute continuous feed

    Recycling/Deposit Capacity

    9,000 - 13,600 notes / 2,800 - 4,600 notes

    Double Recycling Cassette

    Yes, 1,800 + 450 notes = 2,250 note capacity


    Up to 8 denominations to be recycled (If using four Dual Recycling Cassettes)

    Configurable Cassettes

    1-4 cassettes with single or double compartments

    Safe Rating

    UL 291 (CEN IV on request)

    Size (WxDxH) without PC

    21” x 37” x 42” (53 x 93 x 105 cm)

    Power and Frequency

    100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

    SUZOHAPP RCS-Active Coin Recycler Specifications


    Deposit Speed

    Up to 2,000 coins per minute

    Dispense Speed

    Up to 2,400 coins per minute

    Recycling Storage

    Up to 23,400 coins / 8 coin hoppers (4 x 2)

    Storage Pickup / Overflow

    Up to 8,650 coins

    Total Capacity

    32,050 coins


    Up to 8 denominations to be recycled, international currencies available

    Size (WxDxH) without PC

    26.97″ x 29.78″ x 45.61″ (685 mm x 756 mm x 1,158 mm)

    Voltage and Frequency

    100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz


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