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    CacheNET 360-v2


    Armor Safe CacheNET™ 360

    The CacheNETTM 360 recycler safely automates the management of cash wherever it is collected. With its incredibly small footprint for a recycler solution, the CacheNETTM 360 can be deployed by retailers at the point  of sale or as a back-office or bank branch solution. The configurable design ensures it can work for any retailer. And the hardware configuration can be scaled up to match a retailer’s evolving needs.

    Collect and secure cash; validate and recycle funds; highly configurable; and audit and report activity. 

    Can be configured to communicate with CashTechIQ software.




    11 7/8” W x 26” D x 32” H // 300mm W x 660mm D x 810mm H

    Approximate weight

    485 lbs / 220 KG


    7” touchscreen for ease of use & faster end-user training


    Counts or dispenses up to 3 bills per second

    Total Capacity

    • Dispensing capacity 30 bills per transaction

    • 2 Recycling Cassettes 240 bills each

    • 1 Deposit Cassette 1500 bills

    • 1 Loading Cassette 500 bills

    Equipped with

    • 8mm thick ballistic steel self-locking vault door with adjustable hinges

    • 6mm thick ballistic steel enclosure

    • External hinges capable of opening 180o

    • Deposit area capable of holding up to 50 notes

    • Four floor holes for bolt down

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