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CashTech Smart Safe and Recycler Software

Smart Cash Automation and Insights Track, manage, and predict your cash

With CashTech Currency’s advanced cash management software for the back office and front office, you’ll benefit from greater visibility of cash, transactions, devices, alerts, and staff. Smart cash automation reduces costs and working capital and secures your cash, while cash insights ensure you always know exactly where your cash is.

Software Overview

Cash Analytics
Cash Analytics

Data around the movement of cash from tills to vault holdings


Allows you to manage day-to-day operations, including cash balances, reconciliation, and deposit reporting

Cash Forecasting
Cash Forecasting

Insights into trends to forecast your cash needs and replenishments


Allows you to see cash on hand and what you need on a frequent basis to operate

Cash Status_Utilization
Cash Status

A view into your available cash on hand and frequency of denomination usage


Lets you see your cash position and your most in-demand notes and coins, so you always have enough cash on hand

Device Management
Device Management

A view into the health of your device network

Immediately determine the health of your devices, remotely troubleshoot technical problems, and get back online faster

Cash Management Logistics
Cash Logistics

Insights and reports into your cash ordering information


Allows you to schedule and forecast pickups, as well as coin and note orders/replenishments

User Tracking
User Tracking

Audit trails and reconciliations based on user profiles


Allows you to determine who in your organization has been using the device, when, and for which purposes

Software Capabilities

Deposit Manager

  • The Deposit Manager integrates with any smart safe to automate electronic deposits, eliminating trips to the bank, labour costs, and wasted time.
  • With provisional credit (US only), credit is applied to your bank account before the cash even arrives. With less time spent waiting, you can increase your cash flow and working capital.
  • The CashTechIQ’s cash-in-transit (CIT) interface, you can effortlessly schedule pickups of cash and dropoff of change, so you’ll always have the exact amount of banknotes and coins for your daily requirements while saving money on transportation fees.

Reporting and Analysis

  • Reconciling cash management operations, including cashier deposits, cash pickups, and business end of day can be complicated. Proper reporting ensures you can track and consolidate information with minimal human intervention.
  • Every transaction is tracked at all stages of the lifecycle, and you get greater visibility into your cash across all operations, which ensures you always know where your cash is.
  • Remote management enables you to manage your cash operations at various locations from anywhere.
  • Forecasting enables you to optimize and streamline your cash operations and orders.

Order Management

  • Cash order management makes it easy to make omni-channel cash orders with balance availability checks, order limits per customer or location, and email receipts.
  • Order management integrates with all major armored carriers for your convenience and preference.

Software Options

SUZOHAPP CashComplete Connect


SUZOHAPP CashComplete Connect is a cloud-based payment management system specifically used with SUZOHAPP cash management products. This software system connects and manages all your cash devices and POS systems, cash transactions, cash history, inventory, and users for total cash visibility and optimal cash management.

CashComplete Connect integrates all elements of the cash ecosystem, enabling managers to understand exactly what is happening across their organization. Its capabilities include remote real-time visibility, analytics, and reconciliation. Managers can pull POS reports, gain instant access to cash flow and sales, and generate analytics from connected devices from their mobile device or web browser. An investment in CashComplete Connect translates to a lower cost of cash, higher employee productivity, reduced working capital, lower shrinkage, and maximum operational efficiency.



CashTechIQ is a flexible cash management software solution that works with any Tidel smart safe or cash recycler, and armored carrier for your convenience. It works with the system you already have or are looking to purchase to help you manage costs with flexible hardware lease and purchase options that work for you.

With CashTechIQ, you can seamlessly manage remote deposits and cash orders from anywhere to save time and trips to the bank. You can also remotely control, monitor, and measure each store’s performance for a valuable snapshot of your business’s performance at any given time. With CashTechIQ, you’ll gain real-time visibility, reporting, and analytics capabilities that will enable you to reduce staff labor and reduce liability, shrinkage, and risks to employees with real-time fraud alerts on cash deposits and discrepancies. Provisional credit for US customers and CIT services are available to increase cash flow and lower bank and armored car fees.