Comparing Different Coin Sorting and Counting Machines

    Apr 13 2021

    Topics: Coin Counter, Coin Sorters

    Coin sorting and counting machines are excellent investments for coin-heavy businesses, including car washes, laundromats, and vending machines. By processing hundreds to thousands of coins per minute, they allow you to save countless hours and significant labor costs by eliminating the manual process of counting and sorting coins by hand. The machines do all the work automatically and accurately, which also allows you to reduce losses due to human error. 

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    Coin counters and sorters come in a variety of makes and models, all with different features and price points, so there’s a device on the market that will meet your company’s unique needs. Comparing the different coin sorting and counting machines on the market will help you make an informed decision.

    CC200 Coin Counter

    If your business handles a high volume of coin transactions, consider the all-in-one CC200 commercial coin counter and sorter. It handles speeds of up to 2,000 coins per minute and counts coins in mixed denominations. It features a powerful automatic coin wrapper to save you time in packaging the selected denomination. Plus, it has a portable design and it’s user friendly.

    Magner 935 Coin Counter

    Magner is a well-known brand and global leader in desktop money handling products. Some of the 935 Coin Counter’s best features include accurate high-speed processing, its simplicity of operation, and its rugged reliability even in demanding applications. 

    Magner Pelican 305S+ Coin Counter/Sorter/Packager

    While there are many different types of coin counters to choose from, none offer the low operational noise of the Magner Pelican 305S+ Coin Counter/Sorter/Packager (available in the US only0. When you have quiet operation needs and don’t want to disrupt customers, consider this all-in-one coin counter, sorter, and packager. The Pelican 305S+ coins and sorts all US coin denominations with speeds up to 800 coins per minute. Its technology automatically detects and off-sort foreign coins, tokens, and slugs, too, and it is configured with a coin tubing adapter to make coin wrapping a breeze. 

    SUZOHAPP SC-303 Coin Counter

    Need a heavy-duty coin counter? Look no further than the SUZOHAPP SC-303 Coin Counter. It’s a real time saver thanks to its counting speeds of up to 2,700 coins per minute. It’s an excellent option for casinos, concessions, cash-in-transit providers, amusement parks, retailers, and banks. 

    The SC-303 is also valued for its portability and low noise.

    SUZOHAPP SC-313 Coin Counter

    Similar to the SC-303, the SUZOHAPP SC-313 processes up to 2,700 coins per minute and offers a convenient hopper, making it a powerful commercial coin counter and sorter. Like the SC-303, it’s also compact, reliable, and ideal for businesses with high volumes of coins and/or tokens. It’s small enough to easily fit into cramped workrooms and right spaces, so if every square foot counts, consider the SC-313.

    SUZOHAPP SC-3003 Coin Counter

    Its robust features and top performance make the SUZOHAPP SC-3003 Coin Counter one of the best coin sorting and counting machines on the market today. This high-capacity machine processes up to 3,500 coins per minute, making it a popular option for financial institutions, cash centers, and vending operations. 

    SUZOHAPP DTC-6 Coin Sorter

    For small business owners with lower coin volumes, the SUZOHAPP DTC-6 Coin Sorter is an excellent option (available in the US only). This machine processes up to 600 coins per minute, sorts up to six denominations of US coins at once, and automatically removes foreign, damaged, and counterfeit coins. It’s an easy way to increase efficiency and save time without breaking the bank.

    SUZOHAPP ICX Active-9 Coin Sorter

    The SUZOHAPP ICX Active-9 is an all-in-one coin handling solution. Its high accuracy, speed, and reliability enable businesses to process up to 250,000 coins daily.

    With the ICX Active-9, your business will be able to process multiple currencies at once into 9 coin outlets (plus 1 for rejection), with a throughput of up to 2,700 coins per minute. 

    SUZOHAPP ICP Active-9 Coin Sorter

    The SUZOHAPP ICP Active-9 Coin Sorter is an excellent choice for businesses with very high coin volumes. It processes up to 3,820 coins per minute, which saves you considerable time and money in labor costs. 

    Its unique Active Sorting® coin processing technology ensures the machine continues to run even when coin bags are full; the coins are simply recirculated and the machine continues to count the other denominations, until the operator changes out the full bag for an empty one. 

    Not sure which coin sorting and counting machine is right for your business? Book a consultation, and we’ll help you make the right purchasing decision based on your goals, challenges, budget, and processing requirements.


    Andrea Lombardi

    Andrea Lombardi

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